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   Undercar Express   
   18451 Euclid Ave   
   Cleveland, Ohio   

   p: 216.531.7004   
   f: 216.531.7030   
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About Us

Our state-of-the-art 80,000 sq. ft. production floor insures top quality and service.
Five Reasons You Will Love Doing Business with UCX
Undercar Express was created with one primary objective: to make your life easier. We have structured our business with your needs, and those of your customers, in mind. Here are the five key reasons we think you will decide that we are your best source for brake calipers.

Benefits to You
  1. Undercar Express is a full line supplier
    • We offer complete coverage for all domestic and import cars, light trucks and medium-duty trucks. That means you can count on Undercar Express to be your single source for remanufactured calipers, and count on getting the parts you need right when you need them.
  2. Fast order turnaround
    • Undercar Express offers loaded, semi-loaded and unloaded calipers and fills all orders in 72 hours or less with order fills exceeding 92%. Your inventories (and therefore related costs) are reduced. We can even help you identify exactly which items are in stock, while leaving the rest in our service center for quick turnaround.
  3. Flexible order size
    • Tired of dealing with 50-piece pallets when all you need is a few dozen items? The standard Undercar Express pallet is 36-pieces freight paid. Smaller piece deliveries are also available giving you even more ordering flexibility.
Benefits to Your Customer
  1. Road Ready™ calipers for ease of installation
    • Our calipers are ready to install right out of the box, which cuts 30-50% off of the typical installation time. Your customers will love what that does for their bay productivity... and their bottom line.
  2. No Return product quality
    • Average industry brake caliper warranty rates are between 4% and 6%. Our production processes, rigorous inspection procedures and quality control have been designed to ensure a return rate BELOW 3%. Fewer returns and less paperwork means more satisfied customers.
Compare Undercar Express to your current caliper provider and your choice will be clear. Your Undercar Express rep has all the details. Sign on today!
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